Thursday, July 2, 2009

A good birthday

Today is my birthday - the guys in my dorm pitched in and got me a case of Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper and a bag of lemons. Then at breakfast, during morning devotions, the whole ranch suprised me by singing "Happy Birthday" to me - this was a shock.

So far, I have received 17 Happy Birthday emails, 39 Happy Birthday wishes on Facebook (not exaggerating), and one Happy Birthday e-card from my cousin Marn. Also - so far, three Happy Birthday phone calls.

Its a nice feeling when you wake up from a decade long brain hybernation to such a warm "welcome-back" from people who have never forgotten about you. Its a good day and I am happy - probably the best birthday I have had since I was 17 and my friend Jennie threw me a suprise birthday party in her pool.

I have the whole weekend off and plan to rest, and enjoy some time - and I have a LOT of homework.

Hope you all have a great and safe weekend as well.

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  1. Happy Birthday -- hope this is a great year for you. Mom