Friday, July 17, 2009

Short and sweet...

I'll write more later this weekend if I can - but for now, I just wanted to mention that I phased on Wednesday, had the phasing ceremony this morning. Made it this far and its been awesome! I also found a photo of myself right before I came to the ranch.... There is new life in my eyes these days! I'll scan the photo and post it in a future entry. CRAZINESS! I love looking at it, and carry it with me because its physical evidence of the changes I am making. The picture is expressionless, unhealthy, and tired...
I am heading to the City in a week, looking forward to seeing my friends and getting a real haircut! And this weekend I am gonna spend Sunday with my dad, its great to be able to have him to myself for the weekend.

Its been a FUN and hilarious week, and I have been light with joy. I hope that you have been also, and, please feel free to write to me via email or via this blog, whether I know you or not.

I want people to read this and take something from it - its a long road (thus the photo selection today), but its great to be able to share it with you all. I checked the dashboard last week and I'm getting about 200 - 300 hits on the site per week - so give the address to anyone who you think may get something from it - Or anyone who may just need to feel better about themselves that THEY'RE not in rehab - Maybe my misfortune might boost someone else a little, I can only hope. :-)

Anyway, happy Friday, happy weekend. I am gonna go to town and celebrate my phase advancement with a Dairy Queen blizzard - happy that the long-standing myths about me are on the verge of mutating. Stories that have remained fixed for years are being rewritten. I hope that the effects are pretty spectacular. If I just work at it, I suspect it'll be the equivalent of Sleeping Beauty waking up from her long sleep without the help of the prince's kiss, or like Little Red Riding Hood devouring the wolf instead of vice versa. Who you thought you knew, you may not have ever known, but.... I forgot about him, too.
Geeze, that was such a bad apple that I once bit into!!


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  1. I really don't feel better about myself when reading this blog. Most of the time I am jealous! I want to go live on that ranch so bad, especially now that you have been attaching pictures. Glad to hear you're doing well. I have been so busy lately that I have not been reading this blog as often as I used to. I kind of like it better this wasy because I log on and there are 3 new entries. Before, I would check it everyday and think, "When is he going to post again!" But seriously, I am looking forward to seeing you, you look so thin and healthy in your pictures. I am happy for you and congradulations on phasing. You really closed your eyes and jumped into this thing, not knowing what to expect, you let everything go and took a chance. I think that is why you have been so successful. You took the time to strip yourself of all negativity before entering the program and so your real self was able to work on healing, rather than being the person that you thought everyone wanted to see. I am so happy that you are happy and healthy, and I really think that you are going to make it. Keep pushing for that goal.
    Your sister