Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Super Busy today....

Its been a really busy weekend, and I have a lot to tell you but I am super busy today.... I'll catch you up tomorrow.... Today is my mom's birthday, so happy birthday mom.

Real quick, though....

I am really enjoying the ranch a LOT. And I am learning a lot. I seem less distracted this week than I was last week. My previous life, the life at home, my friends from home - I worry less about that life... I cant explain it, but I have a "new normal" as I keep telling myself, and I am beginning to let go of the stresses of home. I am accepting that the ranch is my home for a while and I am becoming comforted by this idea.

My mom came to visit this weekend and she seemed to like the ranch and the guys. You cant really understand the warmth and beauty and tranquility of the ranch until you spend some time here, but once you are here and with the animals and in the fields, and surrounded by the guys, you definitely get the vibe.

One thing I love is the fact that I can sit down and speak to people that I would normally never get to speak with, and we are all in the same boat - rehab is a great equalizer because addiction doesn't care about your class, your salary, your family name - it can happen infect anyone - and when it comes time to heal, it helps to understand that you are not alone, and that no matter your status - the gloves come off in rehab - and that makes a world of difference.

OK, I'll fill you in tomorrow!

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